Wood moisture meter

The moisture meter is an equipment that is not strange to human nowadays. ” What is a moisture meter” is a common question that many of us want to know. So in this article, I will provide you some useful and specific information about this tool. Let’s discover it with me!

What is a wood moisture meter?

The moisture meter is often used a lot in different applications in both production and business because we always have to contact with temperature as well as humidity. It is compulsory for some industries to monitor humidity regularly, so we need to use a moisture meter. So what is the function of the moisture meter in the wood industry? It will be customized separately to measure moisture contained in wood to ensure wood processing quality. Now I will help you find out more deeply about the wood moisture meter and the aim of using a moisture meter.

It is completely possible to find the moisture meter in the kits of any professional constructional workers, building contractors or anyone working with building materials.

Before making any important decisions, the first thing we need to do is that we think about the problems carefully. Like this example, the professional construction workers will not start work until they have already checked the humidity of materials because it can lead to structural damage very high.                              

Checking the humidity is an important step because any humidity problem can cause many serious consequences. For instance, excessive moisture can cause some certain materials to expand, warp or become brittle over time Because the moisture often relates to the temperature, the moisture meter allows us to read the percentage of moisture. The wood moisture meter is usually calibrated exclusively for wood. It often has a percentage of about 5 to 40.

There are two types of model. It can display an analog or digital format so it completely depends on the type of model. Some models have flashing green LED for low humidity or not, yellow LED for medium moisture and red LED for high humidity. It can be very useful for people who do not know how much humidity is enough and whether the materials is safe to do Some wood moisture meters only allow some appropriate woods. Nowadays, the function of materials moisture meter has more choices such as drywall, softwood, brick, cement, and wall. Moreover, because plaster is very easy to disintegrate when exposed to moisture, plasterers need a moisture meter for plaster.

Types of wood moisture meter

There is two main kinds of wood moisture meter: pin moisture meter and a pinless moisture meter. There are some different characters between the two types. Firstly, pin moisture meter contains two metal pins used to pin in the material while pinless moisture meter only needs to contact with the measuring surface. Two kinds of these moisture meters read humidity in a different way. I will introduce you specific information about each kind of this tool.

Principle: pin moisture meter works according to the principle of resistance field measurement and the flow of electrical discharge between pins. Because moisture affects the electric current, we often pin in some places to have an exact result. The wood moisture meter also only measures the exact moisture content of materials between pins. Moreover, a pin moisture meter will send electric from a sensor and discharge a few feet in the material. After that, it will read the current speed and humidity calculation.                                   

The pinless moisture meter is very popular with construction engineers who work with concrete cement. The reason is that their material is very hard so it can not pin. It can not deny that the carpenters also enjoy this type because it does not scratch their product.

We can see that wood moisture meter and any other kind of moisture meter are always beneficial to us in different applications. I already show you some useful information about this equipment. I hope that you can get them and find out the appropriate tool for your job.

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