Why Every Professional and DIY Enthusiast Needs a Hand Saw?

Ask any professional woodworker about necessary tools for doing this job, he will always include a handsaw. It is a must-have tool in your arsenal if you are planning to craft wooden objects. Whatever woodworking or carpentry project you are working on, the best hand saw will be required to cut and shape the wood.

Hand saw

Although power saws have made the job easier, the hand saw is still relevant and effective woodworking tool for a variety of reasons. The following benefits will tell you why you must have a hand saw if you are a woodworking professional or a DIY enthusiast.

  • It is portable:

You can carry the best hand saw anywhere you go to cut and shape the wood. It is easy to carry on any vehicle. You do not get such luxury with power saw because it is large in size and quite bulky too. Suppose you are working on an outdoor remote site, it will be a daunting task to carry the power saw. You can easily pack and carry that hand saw which will not weigh a lot.

  • No need to worry about power or fuel:

The best hand saw requires no fuel or electricity. It depends on your power because you operate it by your hands. So, if you are working in a remote site like a jungle where no power outlet is available, you can easily cut the wood and get the job done. Power tools like gas-powered saws and electric powered saws product a lot of noise. These tools are banned in many cities because of their irritating noises. Using a hand saw is the only option and therefore it is the best woodworking tool. You will save money on electricity and fuel and your job will get done smoothly.

  • Safety:

Safety becomes a major concern when operating a power saw. You need to be totally alert because this power tool can cause a serious and life-threatening injury because of just a little ignorance. There is no such issue associated with a power saw. Yes, it can also cause injuries but it does not operate automatically. In addition, hand saws are not as powerful and lethal as power saws. You just need basic safety gears and you will be safe on the job site. 

  • Perfect for the beginners:

It takes time to learn how to use woodworking tools perfectly. The most basic thing you need to learn is how to cut wood and hand saw will be your primary tool for that job. It is not too difficult to learn how to use the hand saw and you can begin your training with this tool. Beginners cannot handle power tools properly and that’s why injuries occur. You will not find it too difficult to operate the best hand saw.

Choosing the best hand saw:

It might seem a bit confusing to choose the best hand saw if you are new in this field. You should check just a few things, which matter a lot. First of all, you should do some research on different types of hand saws. There are Rip, Crosscut, Box, Coping, Back, and Hack saws. All these are different types of hand saws. You should know which type of saw will help you in finishing the job faster.

Another important thing you should consider is the size of the hand saw. Along with the size, focus on the tooth type and tooth count. You should make sure the saw is light enough to move freely. Of course, it should be durable and equipped with a solid handle.

Professional woodworkers know what they need and therefore their saws last for a very long time. You will not find it too daunting to pick the best hand saw if you are an experienced woodworker. The beginners must check the guide and the best hand saw reviews before they buy this tool.

Final thoughts:

Hand saws have been the most important woodworking and carpentry tool since ancient time. Every professional woodworker needs this tool for cutting and shaping woods. It is more reliable than power saws and it will become your first choice when you will improve your carpentry skills. So, invest in this tool because you will need it time-and-again.

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