Old School Wood Chisels and Modern Wood Chisels


For most of the history of the woodworking industry, wood chisels are something that can not be missed in the tools set of the sculptors in particular. However, the woodworking chisels, like every tool of the woodworking process in the world, need to be upgraded. To inform all of you guys about the enhancement of this kind of device, this article will focus on the difference between the woodworking chisels and how good is it in the tenpercenteries.

The Holder

Back to the 19th century, the holder of woodworking chisels is made from wood material all their way to the edge. It must be made by high-quality material, and I mean hardwood with highest and sustainable stiffness. Without these qualifications material, it will easy to be broken by the pressure of the hammer after that is the nowadays moderns. It can be built by plastic, light metals or even suit material to the blade. Moreover, you can have some additional holes on the holder to make it easy to hold and increase the friction between your hand and it, keeping it from slipping out of your hand.

The Back of The Holder

There is no doubt when the part that is the back of the holder of a woodworking chisels is one of the most crucial parts of it is raised. Firstly, it is the part that will take all the pressure you put on that wood chisel and flow that to the blade, causing the intended crack on the wood. This part has to be sturdy and well-designed to maintain and preserve most of the power you want to give to the wood log. Moreover, ┬áthe thickness of it should be enough to protect the holder from cracking and shattering while doing its’ job correctly. It is the certification that woodworking chisels have to maintain from the history to the future continuously.

The Middle Part

This part is seemed to be the useless part on the woodworking chisels in general. However, it turns out to be the essential part, flowing the force to the blade and preserve them from being wasted energy or negative energy. To serve this particular purpose, it has the dense in the top of the thick rating, but in the past, they made it the same material from the other metal part. Nowadays, this part has been evaluated by the denser metal, harder and more efficiency to serve the aim of the woodworkers and the sculptors. With this evaluating, the woodworking chisels are now doing its’ job in a more advanced way than it did in the past.

The Blade

When it comes to the blade, the people from the old time will design it to be as sharp as possible. It is also has a simple design as a blade of a knife but smaller and has a little bit dense to hold the structure from breaking while working in pressure. The sharp wood chisels are focused on the detail either, but they also need the convenient among the tools. As a result, the blades are not just a blade. They can be the shape of flower, or triangle shaped is not a bad idea at all. The purposes of the sculptors will decide which blade types do they want to use instead of just one boring option as the old time.

The Covered

Finally is the covered. It is the part you will not want to bypass because of its’ function and beauty. Notice that not always covered metal will last for the time, so chose it carefully. The covered skin will not just make your wood chisels become the superstar in your toolbox. It also makes it harder and tougher to the work pressure. The sharp wood chisels are also covered by gold or platinum or even titan to create the armor for the tools and make it supremer than others.


We have walked through every part of a woodworking chisel. You probably noticed the parts that you want to be understood. To conclude, the wood chisels are undeniable useful in our society of woodworking based on its’ design and function with a variety of shapes of the blade.

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