Disadvantages of Lumber


Throughout the history, the lumber has always taken too many of the job that they should not deserve and would never want to do such as killing the animal for stepping on the way of tree cutting or annihilate a massive rain forest just for some of the wood logs that would be rare and worth for money. Thus, all of those things I have told you before just a slide of the cut of complication of drawbacks of lumber in general. There are so much more I want to list here and write to you guys in this article for the reason that I really want to give a little bit mercy view to the lumber because after all, they are human like us and their works are to serve us all.


You are not wrong at all to hear that. Initially, the thinking of what danger can exist inside that place is conquered their mind in the first place, and it has become a mortal fear from time to time to the regular people who live near the jungle, but not only those people but also the lumbers have to suffer it usually without the escape because it is there job and they have to do it for their wages, or they will starve to die; therefore, the fact that the luxury wood can only survive in the place that extremely dangerous and ridiculously hard to be found has increased the difficulty of the journey to see them off the lumbers becomes even harder in term of the quality wood logs and the participant to be checked the part of the wood with them in advance to share the idea of the ideal product at the end of the procedure. As a result, the lumbers have always been facing the death above the eyes though they can quit this job probably enough to live for just three to five days more rather than die in the wood as a poor guy.


One more thing needs to be concern is toxic. The lumber usually has been equipped by the best chain saw and the ax as well, but the poisonous of the natural creatures are unpredictable in term of the surprise they would probably take in that deadly trip into the forest. Moreover, the tree itself can be a source of the poison that might kill anyone who dares to come closer for just one more step to them immediately without the hesitation, or I have to say that they do not even clearly show the difference between people and animal, they just kill anything that accidentally comes to there place with the vast amount of the poison. Besides, the poison is not a pleasant death at all to any kind of animal, especially the one which has the complex brain cell at all.


The accident is way more dangerous than you might think about it right now. The slipping of the foot can cause a one-way trip to the death angle immediately without any more second chance. The kiss of death is way too expensive for all the risk you have to take when you start your career as a professional plumber. Make yourself a careful preparation before any trip to the forest, especially the rain forest or we can call it the moist forest as well or tropical forest is all right, the best thing we can do is got your self prepared and pray for the best thing will come to you in the long way down to the danger itself.


In conclusion, the lumber is a really precious work for the life of many people and also for the industrial of woodworking as well, and so far we get many of evolution and certification tools for the lumber to work at a highest secured environment as much as possible, but the problem is always there, human cannot fight with nature in an unbiased fight, so prepare yourself to become the best survivor before the hunt comes in, and good luck for all the lumbers in the next step, the next trip of yours to the infinite dangerous place in the world.

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