A Quick Look At Woodworking Clamp


For the people who do not know about the woodworking, for the starters, the woodworking clamp is an ultimate tool which needs to be considered by the labor for every project with wood, mainly hardwood and flat wood (Wood log with the flat shape because of the saw or hand saw). Thus, today I want to introduce to you a quick look at the woodworking clamp, focused on the newbie in the woodworking industry, even just for fun purposes, to start your project in advance and achieve the best result at the end of the procedure.

The Outlook

The woodworking clamp, or in other words, the device which holds the wooden planks in the position for all the tasks you will initiate next. Simultaneously, the playpark of the woodworking clamp is definitely in the working place inside a four-room building where can provide a good position for it to show all the function in place which is why we use it in the first place. So far, the woodworking clamp looks like a handsaw, but instead of the holder, it is another kind of holder to keep the wood planks, or I mean that one wood plank peruse while replaces the blade by a standing part under this tool to keep it in place while still performing its function in the best condition. Moreover, the holder has the ability to shape the wood plank in place by its wide range of flexibility to stretch out in the holder part to keep any form or even big size of the wood log if you have enough money to purchase the big one, it would not be a problem after all.

The function

Actually, the name of it, the woodworking clamp, has shown almost everything about its purpose in the first place, right? Unfortunately, life is not that easy because it is not what we are seeing. The woodworking clamp is not just a kind of holding the position of the wood or object, whatever you want to keep it in place in one location to work with, which can be told to be a dream of every labor without the doubt that the woodworking clamp is a joke or something like that. Besides, the function of this tool is outweighed and also supports all the other tool to get them a shield for the thing that is held in it by the mechanism to protect all the object it is holding from falling from the sky to the cold ground, which can cause some severe crack or even the broken chance.

The Size

The size of woodworking clamp is also an additional point for it because it has a wide range of capabilities in the markets which can be described as the variety of the size of the T-shirt or even the size of the head of the pen in the grocery store or supermarket. Simultaneously, the array is also shown by the opening of many of woodworking store out there which can provide a vision of the woodworking clamp to the world and even the newbie in the first place which can easily win the debate of the best tool and the most necessary tool for the woodworkers throughout the period of time.


All in all, this is an ultimate tool, I mean here is definitely the woodworking clamp, and it can create the wave of startup in this area by its comfortable working condition and the lovely design which can be suitable in any kind of work or project has the object need to be in place to get the accuracy at the top of the result. In contrast, the woodworking clamp can cause some severe dependent habit that possible to destroy the skill of the woodworkers by getting over the skillful task required and just focus on the work without even think about the consequences of the wrong hand move or the holding job that need the teamwork would be replaced by the machine that cannot talk. In the end, I just want to say that you guys need to be careful while working with this tool to get the best result for the project and also improve the speed of the work. Thank you for reading.

Wood moisture meter

The moisture meter is an equipment that is not strange to human nowadays. ” What is a moisture meter” is a common question that many of us want to know. So in this article, I will provide you some useful and specific information about this tool. Let’s discover it with me!

What is a wood moisture meter?

The moisture meter is often used a lot in different applications in both production and business because we always have to contact with temperature as well as humidity. It is compulsory for some industries to monitor humidity regularly, so we need to use a moisture meter. So what is the function of the moisture meter in the wood industry? It will be customized separately to measure moisture contained in wood to ensure wood processing quality. Now I will help you find out more deeply about the wood moisture meter and the aim of using a moisture meter.

It is completely possible to find the moisture meter in the kits of any professional constructional workers, building contractors or anyone working with building materials.

Before making any important decisions, the first thing we need to do is that we think about the problems carefully. Like this example, the professional construction workers will not start work until they have already checked the humidity of materials because it can lead to structural damage very high.                              

Checking the humidity is an important step because any humidity problem can cause many serious consequences. For instance, excessive moisture can cause some certain materials to expand, warp or become brittle over time Because the moisture often relates to the temperature, the moisture meter allows us to read the percentage of moisture. The wood moisture meter is usually calibrated exclusively for wood. It often has a percentage of about 5 to 40.

There are two types of model. It can display an analog or digital format so it completely depends on the type of model. Some models have flashing green LED for low humidity or not, yellow LED for medium moisture and red LED for high humidity. It can be very useful for people who do not know how much humidity is enough and whether the materials is safe to do Some wood moisture meters only allow some appropriate woods. Nowadays, the function of materials moisture meter has more choices such as drywall, softwood, brick, cement, and wall. Moreover, because plaster is very easy to disintegrate when exposed to moisture, plasterers need a moisture meter for plaster.

Types of wood moisture meter

There is two main kinds of wood moisture meter: pin moisture meter and a pinless moisture meter. There are some different characters between the two types. Firstly, pin moisture meter contains two metal pins used to pin in the material while pinless moisture meter only needs to contact with the measuring surface. Two kinds of these moisture meters read humidity in a different way. I will introduce you specific information about each kind of this tool.

Principle: pin moisture meter works according to the principle of resistance field measurement and the flow of electrical discharge between pins. Because moisture affects the electric current, we often pin in some places to have an exact result. The wood moisture meter also only measures the exact moisture content of materials between pins. Moreover, a pin moisture meter will send electric from a sensor and discharge a few feet in the material. After that, it will read the current speed and humidity calculation.                                   

The pinless moisture meter is very popular with construction engineers who work with concrete cement. The reason is that their material is very hard so it can not pin. It can not deny that the carpenters also enjoy this type because it does not scratch their product.

We can see that wood moisture meter and any other kind of moisture meter are always beneficial to us in different applications. I already show you some useful information about this equipment. I hope that you can get them and find out the appropriate tool for your job.

Disadvantages of Lumber


Throughout the history, the lumber has always taken too many of the job that they should not deserve and would never want to do such as killing the animal for stepping on the way of tree cutting or annihilate a massive rain forest just for some of the wood logs that would be rare and worth for money. Thus, all of those things I have told you before just a slide of the cut of complication of drawbacks of lumber in general. There are so much more I want to list here and write to you guys in this article for the reason that I really want to give a little bit mercy view to the lumber because after all, they are human like us and their works are to serve us all.


You are not wrong at all to hear that. Initially, the thinking of what danger can exist inside that place is conquered their mind in the first place, and it has become a mortal fear from time to time to the regular people who live near the jungle, but not only those people but also the lumbers have to suffer it usually without the escape because it is there job and they have to do it for their wages, or they will starve to die; therefore, the fact that the luxury wood can only survive in the place that extremely dangerous and ridiculously hard to be found has increased the difficulty of the journey to see them off the lumbers becomes even harder in term of the quality wood logs and the participant to be checked the part of the wood with them in advance to share the idea of the ideal product at the end of the procedure. As a result, the lumbers have always been facing the death above the eyes though they can quit this job probably enough to live for just three to five days more rather than die in the wood as a poor guy.


One more thing needs to be concern is toxic. The lumber usually has been equipped by the best chain saw and the ax as well, but the poisonous of the natural creatures are unpredictable in term of the surprise they would probably take in that deadly trip into the forest. Moreover, the tree itself can be a source of the poison that might kill anyone who dares to come closer for just one more step to them immediately without the hesitation, or I have to say that they do not even clearly show the difference between people and animal, they just kill anything that accidentally comes to there place with the vast amount of the poison. Besides, the poison is not a pleasant death at all to any kind of animal, especially the one which has the complex brain cell at all.


The accident is way more dangerous than you might think about it right now. The slipping of the foot can cause a one-way trip to the death angle immediately without any more second chance. The kiss of death is way too expensive for all the risk you have to take when you start your career as a professional plumber. Make yourself a careful preparation before any trip to the forest, especially the rain forest or we can call it the moist forest as well or tropical forest is all right, the best thing we can do is got your self prepared and pray for the best thing will come to you in the long way down to the danger itself.


In conclusion, the lumber is a really precious work for the life of many people and also for the industrial of woodworking as well, and so far we get many of evolution and certification tools for the lumber to work at a highest secured environment as much as possible, but the problem is always there, human cannot fight with nature in an unbiased fight, so prepare yourself to become the best survivor before the hunt comes in, and good luck for all the lumbers in the next step, the next trip of yours to the infinite dangerous place in the world.

Old School Wood Chisels and Modern Wood Chisels


For most of the history of the woodworking industry, wood chisels are something that can not be missed in the tools set of the sculptors in particular. However, the woodworking chisels, like every tool of the woodworking process in the world, need to be upgraded. To inform all of you guys about the enhancement of this kind of device, this article will focus on the difference between the woodworking chisels and how good is it in the tenpercenteries.

The Holder

Back to the 19th century, the holder of woodworking chisels is made from wood material all their way to the edge. It must be made by high-quality material, and I mean hardwood with highest and sustainable stiffness. Without these qualifications material, it will easy to be broken by the pressure of the hammer after that is the nowadays moderns. It can be built by plastic, light metals or even suit material to the blade. Moreover, you can have some additional holes on the holder to make it easy to hold and increase the friction between your hand and it, keeping it from slipping out of your hand.

The Back of The Holder

There is no doubt when the part that is the back of the holder of a woodworking chisels is one of the most crucial parts of it is raised. Firstly, it is the part that will take all the pressure you put on that wood chisel and flow that to the blade, causing the intended crack on the wood. This part has to be sturdy and well-designed to maintain and preserve most of the power you want to give to the wood log. Moreover,  the thickness of it should be enough to protect the holder from cracking and shattering while doing its’ job correctly. It is the certification that woodworking chisels have to maintain from the history to the future continuously.

The Middle Part

This part is seemed to be the useless part on the woodworking chisels in general. However, it turns out to be the essential part, flowing the force to the blade and preserve them from being wasted energy or negative energy. To serve this particular purpose, it has the dense in the top of the thick rating, but in the past, they made it the same material from the other metal part. Nowadays, this part has been evaluated by the denser metal, harder and more efficiency to serve the aim of the woodworkers and the sculptors. With this evaluating, the woodworking chisels are now doing its’ job in a more advanced way than it did in the past.

The Blade

When it comes to the blade, the people from the old time will design it to be as sharp as possible. It is also has a simple design as a blade of a knife but smaller and has a little bit dense to hold the structure from breaking while working in pressure. The sharp wood chisels are focused on the detail either, but they also need the convenient among the tools. As a result, the blades are not just a blade. They can be the shape of flower, or triangle shaped is not a bad idea at all. The purposes of the sculptors will decide which blade types do they want to use instead of just one boring option as the old time.

The Covered

Finally is the covered. It is the part you will not want to bypass because of its’ function and beauty. Notice that not always covered metal will last for the time, so chose it carefully. The covered skin will not just make your wood chisels become the superstar in your toolbox. It also makes it harder and tougher to the work pressure. The sharp wood chisels are also covered by gold or platinum or even titan to create the armor for the tools and make it supremer than others.


We have walked through every part of a woodworking chisel. You probably noticed the parts that you want to be understood. To conclude, the wood chisels are undeniable useful in our society of woodworking based on its’ design and function with a variety of shapes of the blade.

Why Every Professional and DIY Enthusiast Needs a Hand Saw?

Ask any professional woodworker about necessary tools for doing this job, he will always include a handsaw. It is a must-have tool in your arsenal if you are planning to craft wooden objects. Whatever woodworking or carpentry project you are working on, the best hand saw will be required to cut and shape the wood.

Hand saw

Although power saws have made the job easier, the hand saw is still relevant and effective woodworking tool for a variety of reasons. The following benefits will tell you why you must have a hand saw if you are a woodworking professional or a DIY enthusiast.

  • It is portable:

You can carry the best hand saw anywhere you go to cut and shape the wood. It is easy to carry on any vehicle. You do not get such luxury with power saw because it is large in size and quite bulky too. Suppose you are working on an outdoor remote site, it will be a daunting task to carry the power saw. You can easily pack and carry that hand saw which will not weigh a lot.

  • No need to worry about power or fuel:

The best hand saw requires no fuel or electricity. It depends on your power because you operate it by your hands. So, if you are working in a remote site like a jungle where no power outlet is available, you can easily cut the wood and get the job done. Power tools like gas-powered saws and electric powered saws product a lot of noise. These tools are banned in many cities because of their irritating noises. Using a hand saw is the only option and therefore it is the best woodworking tool. You will save money on electricity and fuel and your job will get done smoothly.

  • Safety:

Safety becomes a major concern when operating a power saw. You need to be totally alert because this power tool can cause a serious and life-threatening injury because of just a little ignorance. There is no such issue associated with a power saw. Yes, it can also cause injuries but it does not operate automatically. In addition, hand saws are not as powerful and lethal as power saws. You just need basic safety gears and you will be safe on the job site. 

  • Perfect for the beginners:

It takes time to learn how to use woodworking tools perfectly. The most basic thing you need to learn is how to cut wood and hand saw will be your primary tool for that job. It is not too difficult to learn how to use the hand saw and you can begin your training with this tool. Beginners cannot handle power tools properly and that’s why injuries occur. You will not find it too difficult to operate the best hand saw.

Choosing the best hand saw:

It might seem a bit confusing to choose the best hand saw if you are new in this field. You should check just a few things, which matter a lot. First of all, you should do some research on different types of hand saws. There are Rip, Crosscut, Box, Coping, Back, and Hack saws. All these are different types of hand saws. You should know which type of saw will help you in finishing the job faster.

Another important thing you should consider is the size of the hand saw. Along with the size, focus on the tooth type and tooth count. You should make sure the saw is light enough to move freely. Of course, it should be durable and equipped with a solid handle.

Professional woodworkers know what they need and therefore their saws last for a very long time. You will not find it too daunting to pick the best hand saw if you are an experienced woodworker. The beginners must check the guide and the best hand saw reviews before they buy this tool.

Final thoughts:

Hand saws have been the most important woodworking and carpentry tool since ancient time. Every professional woodworker needs this tool for cutting and shaping woods. It is more reliable than power saws and it will become your first choice when you will improve your carpentry skills. So, invest in this tool because you will need it time-and-again.