Advantages of Lumber


The lumber not only have some drawbacks among their side, but they also have several advantages that need to be carefully considered to get an overview of this resolution before the final judge of the lumber. The pros of this career are many because every dangerous job also gets some extra privileges that people cannot know about it, except they are in this kind of situation. So today I want to cover for you guys some fantastic fact and advantages about the lumber themselves and also raise my voice to all of this stuff, so you will objectively get all the point combined to your own opinion, the result will be flawless that you have your knowledge, and my purpose is clear from now on.

The Joyful Moment

It would be so high that the moment you spend on the job is the collection of the best of your memory card in your head. The position of a lumber is cutting tree, of course, I know about it, but it certainly not just about the tree cutting procedure, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to lean on the bush in the forest, play with some kind of friendly animal and to serve your full potential of biological exploitation to gain for yourself the knowledge from every path in your way of work. Thanks to the most magnificent mother nature on earth that she is really lovely and feed all of you, the lumber, to the best scene rather than any movie in the world ever made. Moreover, the moment when you cut a tree down for the first time is so memorable that you feel the motivation in your head telling you to do more and more without hesitation and the fear inside your body would not have a chance to ruin it by any opportunity it would. For the god sake of the life, just pick the chain saw up and cut it down, I assure that you tell it to yourself, and then kill the life of a tree and turn it into a beautiful and useful wood log without an effort of trying.


Yeah, you cannot resist the money as a human. The money is one more thing that attracts all of you to the lumber career I guess. You are well paid for a chainsaw job of playing all day with one of the most dangerous tools in the world within the glorious picture of the forest itself, that would be a great story to be told to your child. Besides, the more you make from this job, the more you are addicted to it because the resistance of the mortal to the power of the money is evident and undeniable. But I do think it is suitable for the reason that you have all your family to be fed, and that why the money is all that important at all, and in general, a well-paid job is a dream of many people even the people who nearly meet the end of their life as well.

More Healthy

It is a ridiculous title that I had said before you might have some accidents and toxic based on the fact that the jungle is the way too dangerous in general. However, the tree is producing the oxygen to us every single day, minutes, and even seconds without being paid. And you guys, all the lumber, have the right to get all the fresh air in the first place it was made, it is so good and precious.


In conclusion, generally speaking, the lumber is a kind of job that has the full potential to be a decent job to be the dream about, but it also contains many different types of dangerous ways to harm us with the lack of awareness. As a result, the more and more lumber are paying their attention to their health and lives to serve one purpose, their career in advance and healthy job environment. Keep in mind that this job had appeared from the ancient time, long ago before we were born, so it plays an essential role in the history and also the future of humanity. Be proud to be lumber, please.

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